iPhone 5

I visited the Apple Store today at Covent Garden to checkout the iPhone 5.

Lighter, thinner, faster.

The new connector, plus the headset is at the bottom now.

The new connector (male).

People are seriously stuck to desks with the iPhone 5.

By they way, the new 3D-maps in iOS6 are fantastic! Unfortunately, not available for my iPhone 4 (not S).

The traditional sound check on the right website.

A little followup.

Regardless that I’m fully on Apple products, I believe that I still have at least a little bit of common sense. If some Apple products are bad or even shit (like Magic Mouse, for instance) I joyfully state that. But brothers! The iPhone 5 is an amazing product of design and engineering. God bless Apple’s designers and engineers. You may hate Apple for their pathos and show off, you may try suing them and even win. But! (Samsung, for example) Please! Create something even close to the iPhone 5. And all Apple’s money and glory will be yours.