Buy Round: My second iPhone app

The good half of this post in Russian was about explaining the great UK pub culture and the concept of the round at the pub. This is quite pointless information for English speaking readers, so I just jump straight to the technical part.

I wanted a simple and quick app helping me to remember a list of drink in the round. Plus, I wanted to write something for iOS in general. Eventually, I ended up with this:

Quick and dirty, but it solves the problem in 100%. I personally use this app all the time. Unfortunately, AppStore has rejected it as the app having too limited functionality. Well, bad for them, good for me. I have learned a lot developing this app.

I had to learn the following classes:

  • UITabBarController to manage two tab views.
  • UIViewController to work with tables via UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate delegates.
  • Object serialization via NSKeyArchiver to save the list of drink to a file.

The full project is available at GitHub - Please, feel free to checkout and build it.

As I wrote previously about my first iPhone app - US Visa, the quality of the artwork, especially, icons, plays the crucial role in the success of a mobile application. I’ve googled one (below) but it is much better to design your own one.

P.S. For the sake of making this post complete I’ve decided to attach a photo of absolutely inhuman conditions of creating it.