"The biased attitude to your own product" pattern

Everybody loves inventing patterns. Noticed a situation? Realised that it happens not only for you? This is a pattern!

Seems I also have invented a pattern called “The biased attitude to your own product”. Here is a typical stream of thoughts when preparing a product release: “Oh, a little glitch here, a tiny typo there, this could be done better, that should be refactored”, etc. But when you open up a nicely packaged someone else’s product you think “Oh, man, how great and nicely polished it looks!”. But, of course, that “someone else” went through exactly the same thoughts “polishing” that product.

I’m regularly involved in producing releases, sorting bug reports, postmortem analysis, etc. I usually follow this kind of strategy: The sales grow? Yes. A number of customer issues decreases? Yes. A number of internal defects decreases? Yes. The conclusion: everything is fine, and we’re doing great. The rest is just a normal development process.