Standing office desk

What’s normally happening at office work? Yes, we make dents in seats. Why? We’re lazy to get up and have a walk. In rare cases we go to a loo or for a cuppa. But there is a solution to move and stand on feet more at the office. Just use standing desks.

You can find plenty of options online to organize your standing desk. Here is my solution. It appeared by accident. When we rented an apartment, there was no room for a proper computer place in the kitchen (yes, we do need a computer place there, for sure), and my wife discovered this nice cheap table and a bar stool at IKEA.



We used it for a while as a hotspot for quick googling or ordering food online. After some time at found myself spending more and more time at this place. It was very convenient for some reason. Normally you stand of feet, and sometimes, for example, during a long “wave period”, you can place your bottom at the high chair. After we moved, I used a regular computer workplace for a while at my office at home, but then switched to the standing desk. This is how it looks:

By the way, its legs are perfect for fitting socket extensions and other stuff.

And the previous, classical workplace on the right:

P.S. By the way, I believe that people who invented a pull-out keyboard shelf for computer tables never worked at the computer. It’s hard to imagine more inconvenient way of using the keyboard. Also I personally never use any office chair if I cannot sit, resting a foot under myself.