Lego NXT remote control via bluetooth

I keep going to spread out my projects on Google Code.

This bit is roughly one year old project — the remote control over Bluetooth for Lego NXT using the applet running on a mobile phone.

I’ve called it unpretentiously — nxtbtrc.

Everything is simple. The Java applet running on a J2ME compatible phone pairs with Lego NXT brick and then sends commands to it. Nothing special but it was interesting to figure out how to use Bluetooth API in J2ME.

I am not sure about any further development but who knows — maybe it comes in handy for somebody.

Here is the small video demonstrating its work:

I have even bought the book for this case. By the way the book is quite nice. It tells about Bluetooth from the programmer’s point of view in a simple and clean manner. A few stacks of different vendors are covered, their comparison is given and accompanied with examples on different languages and platforms.

Albert Huang, Larry Rudolph, “Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers”

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